In my moments of despair, you urge me on. You, you, you unsalvageable you, you unredeemable you.You disgrace to humanity according to no one by you.  You urge me on. Sitting in darkness I don’t know what else to say but thank you.  You unsalvageable you, you unredeemable you, You.


To Duke Miller


2 thoughts on “You

  1. Yes, I will be the first to like this bit of writing. Inspired by the Evil Demon making its way to Tin Hats through indivisible time and the count that does not comport. “…according to no one by you…” is one of the best lines you have ever written. I understand. “…the no ones” surround me and yes, like so many other “you”, they are “by me” and I extend my hand and they take it and we walk upon a road of tired disgrace.


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