Ally’s Ode (want a cookie?)

(I’m stealing this poem and bringing it over to Tin Hats. DM)

The Glass House


A Cleveland child’s melanin was Just enough Cause
for murder-
Cold blood under the warm sun.
Six million dollars will not be enough
to sook his mother’s ache,
You can’t tell her this was an honest mistake.

A man had his breath pressed out of his lungs
On a live stream, on a street corner,
The world watched him beg for his life.


She was from Waller County, a pin drop on a map
That’s now a black hole void
where precedence discards prudence.
Where a woman can be detained at a traffic stop,
Found hanged in a jail cell,
and forgotten.

A Fort Worth teen plead guilty
to assaulting a mentally challenged child.
Cold concrete, wire hanger, steel locker, chipping paint
Are the canvas onto which he scrawled the slurs,
the acid words and acrid variations
of the Purity of Hate in America.

He served no jail…

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2 thoughts on “Ally’s Ode (want a cookie?)

  1. Well I liked it just as much on the other blog, and I think the electronic transfer of her words to this spot have only affected the shininess of a few words: sook, Purity of Hate, sliver on sliver, and bedrolls over at Genesee…yes, now that I am looking closely, those words have changed from polished mirrors into reflecting lights on the back of 18-wheelers. It looks like the trucks are carrying bad news nobody wants to hear.

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