La Petite Mort

A fiery asteroid caught in weak orbit
of a blood clot planet between the rhythmic breathing
of blue lung nebulas.

He’s out there stunning alone
with the satellites, missile defense systems and dying stars.

Out in the dark,
spinning with his eyes closed.

Keep an eye on the Fibonacci hour glass
above his glowing ember head,
time will break him free to float on in the blackness
like a luminescent jellyfish in the deep.


Where no one will question
the ripple of his tentacles,
and when he splits at the center
as an offering to the myriad corners of the universe,

no self important spectator will mar the poetic death
with a gasp.


2 thoughts on “La Petite Mort

  1. Of course, I’d like to see this expanded. There is a good idea here in search of a bigger structure, in my fucked up opinion. I guess I am looking at everything right now through the eyes of Solaris and Life, Life. I keep playing them over and over. Dream, dream again, repeat, wave after wave, each a star, wave after wave, repeat, and rock your baby on your knees and then repeat again and again until you can go no further. Thanks. Duke

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    1. I’d also like to expand on this one. I am trying on a new muse, and I don’t know enough yet to get a lot of material from the inspiration granted. Know what I mean? But I definitely think this is too short. I’m just trying to get something real out as often as possible even if it’s just a curt paint splash in the dark. Thanks for the input!


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