Nazis and Lit-Pimping in the 21st Century

Hi D and J. I did a radio interview at the university here in Kingston, which happens to be the academically exclusive slash preciously prestigious, Queen’s U. I talked about Writing for the Absent Reader and did some reading from it. I had about thirty minutes so time was limited, but I read the first half of your My Old Diary piece, Duke, as a nod to the residual outrage echoing in the chambers and corridors of our elite scholastic institutions, over the knuckle draggers who held up their tiki torches like so many Darth Vader lightsabers, down in Charlottesville. Do people actually consider those stateside Nazi cretins who’ve been around since…well…1930ish, a real threat? I mean, aren’t they as redonkulous as they are marginal? At any rate, I read your piece as a rallying call to the morally scandalized. I also read my Dogging it with Impunity piece because that’s the one where I ram a chrome dildo up the eternally receptive ass of capitalism.
I’m doing another interview on the 27th of September, so let me know which of your other pieces (Jan too) you would like me to read, time permitting.
It looks like I will be doing a reading at the local independent bookstore as well, no date set yet.
And maybe I can wrangle some more ink out of the local newspaper.
I’m doing my part to pimp this book. And 21st century lit-pimping, I’ve discovered, isn’t as tedious as tiki torches in the knuckles of nincompoops.

3 thoughts on “Nazis and Lit-Pimping in the 21st Century

  1. Well done Aaron. You will be the designated “dead-ender” fighting until all of your semen is drained. Not a bad thing really, rubbing shoulders with college students. Of course, you are the youngest, so is only right and just keep going until you can go no more. I am afraid my contribution toward “buzz” is only the flies in my garbage can. What a racket they make just outside my door. Jan and you are troopers, believers in what we do. As for me, I wake up everyday and wonder how much longer I have. I only care in the way of an emergency room doctor who tells everyone around the table, “Okay, that’s it. Log the time.” Just remember there was an abandon house with a broken pool full of shopping carts, mattress and old car parts…that is the way for K. too, there on the overpass and we thought the freeway was a river. That’s how poetic we were. Thanks. Duke

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    1. Okay okay. No semen has been spilled yet. Let’s not get carried away here.
      Your presence of mind betrays your ragged heart, Duke. So I must answer you with a little Dylan.
      “From the fool’s gold mouthpiece
      The hollow horn plays wasted words
      Proves to warn that he not busy being born
      Is busy dying…”

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