The Meeting

Opening scene: A man in a grey plastic chair, in a circle of strangers all in the same grey plastic chairs, inside a decommissioned church basement painted grey, turns the brightness down on the phone that he has cantilevered out in front of his face by way of an adjustable, telescopic arm that once belonged to his desk lamp but is now riveted to the side of his skull (something he designed for himself one night after waking up from a dream that was filled with the sound of his neighbour dragging a lawn rake over asphalt). The room is quiet as he stands up, wipes a trickle of blood off the side of his neck with an already saturated handkerchief, clears his throat and announces (to his ostensibly less afflicted company) that his name is Aaron, and that he’s an addict.

Scene 2: A girl sitting opposite Aaron, who has sewn her phone into the palm of her right hand with bullion thread, stands up after Aaron sits down and says that she needs to use the bathroom. She goes out of her way to pass directly by Aaron as she leaves the perimeter of the circle, and when she does, she discreetly presses send (with the thumb of her right hand) on the text message she composed while Aaron was introducing himself.

Scene 3: Flashback to earlier: As people arrive at the meeting and partake of the free coffee and doughnuts, the girl with the phone sewn into the palm of her right hand chats Aaron up and exchanges numbers with him. During the exchange Aaron spills some coffee down the front of his shirt, on account of his nervous reaction to pretty girls and to social gatherings. Aaron adjusts his telescopic phone device so that he has a clear view of the coffee stain, pulls the blood soaked handkerchief out of his pocket, wipes another trickle of blood off the side of his neck, folds the handkerchief over and uses it to soak up what he can of the coffee from his shirt. At that moment the group leader calls everyone down into the basement so the meeting can begin.

Scene 4: Flashforward to the present: Aaron receives a message on his phone as the girl leaves the room. His phone was set to vibrate, and the vibration(s) travel down the repurposed arm of the desk lamp to the rivets in his skull. He winces in pain as he reads the message.

Meet me in the bathroom 

Scene 5: Aaron excuses himself from the circle and makes his way to the bathroom. He taps on the bathroom door, his heart beating in his throat, hot blood trickling down the side of his neck. The girl opens the door, pulls him in, and starts rubbing the area between his legs until it’s as long and hard as a conduit pipe. She then takes out two mouse pads, gets down on all fours, puts the pads under her knees, holds up the phone sewn into her right hand so as to create a compelling POV, engages the video app with her right thumb, hits record and says, “Let’s upload this meeting to PornHub.”



6 thoughts on “The Meeting

  1. P.K. Dick would be proud. The compelling POV is all things in our fucked up world of digital images regardless of where they are born: body cam, iPhone, nanny cam, employee cams, computer cam, porn cam, surveillance camera, home videos, hacked phones…doesn’t matter. Somebody somewhere is getting your fucking digital image and then if it is compelling enough they are gong to upload it to the internet for people to look at. In this respect I always loved the Bukowski quote, something like this: You think I’m crazy…try picking a flower from your neighbor’s yard. Now that is something I’d like to see uploaded on the world-wide web. Thanks. Duke

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  2. Just saw your new avatar: from Russian writer in the dead of winter to totally white eyeball Aaron who hasn’t had a drink in days. You ought to take a new photo every week on you computer camera and let’s see what we get. Take it with animals or people in the background or something incriminating. You know, just for fun. Make it compelling. Ha.


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