The Chartreuse Spider

What is the colour of delusion? The human eye sees more shades of green than shades of red or blue. Envy is green. Delusion must be green too.

What, then, is the shade? If envy is a forest we get lost in, then envy is forest green. But what of those fanciful notions, those airborne castles? What shade are they? When I close my eyes, I see avocado green followed by seafoam green, which is the colour of the first electric guitar that I wanted to buy. I saw myself on the main stage of Glastonbury with this guitar, but I could not afford it.

The shade of green that I see when I spin my barren webs: those fanciful notions: those airborne castles, is much closer to avocado than it is to seafoam.

Avocados are impatient. Or maybe they are impetuous. I suppose they are more impetuous than impatient. One thing’s for sure, they don’t have much of a shelf life.

The shade of green that I see in my mind when I spin my barren webs: those fanciful notions: those airborne castles, is, I believe, chartreuse.

Chartreuse, the colour, gets its name from Chartreuse, the French liqueur. Made from 130 flowers and herbs macerated in alcohol, it’s the pride of the Carthusian monks, who have been making it since 1737. It’s one of the only liquors that continues to improve inside the bottle, and, of course, it is green.

Chartreuse green; more avocado than seafoam.

Hanging on the music store wall beside the expensive seafoam green guitar was a very affordable blue guitar. I bought this blue guitar, learned how to play, formed a band, and started gigging at local bars. One night, after playing a great show, we went to an afterparty. I had a twenty-sixer of Chartreuse with me. Halfway through the bottle my face got warm and my spine tingled as soft Carthusian light crept in to my peripheral vision and put smiles in my eyes. I looked at the girl that I had looked at many times before that night. She looked at me. Her eyes were full of things that I will remember forever. Dreamlike things.

Things that never happened

I am the chartreuse spider.

I consume my barren webs: those fanciful notions: those airborne castles.




4 thoughts on “The Chartreuse Spider

  1. I wish I had $5 bucks for each thing I didn’t do after a look. In this story I felt certain the girl’s eyes were going to be brown or grey and you had foolishly taken a pass because they were not green. One night stands are a gamble and most people do not understand the wager is everything. It starts with a look and then comes all the rest, good and bad, things blue and green…we call that our lives. Thanks. Duke

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