Inarticulate Pipe Bomb

There was a man who abused his power in the work place. For many years he humiliated his perceived subordinates. He had not searched his own soul enough to know why he was compelled to do this. He only knew that he despised incompetence. For reasons unknown to him, incompetence mixed with inattentiveness was like blood in the water, and if he tasted this blood he went off like an inarticulate pipe bomb. He was, after all, a terrorist of visceral rage. But it did not have to be this way. Had he stopped being his own apologist for long enough to see himself clearly, he would have seen a young boy. He would have seen a young boy being humiliated by his father, and this vision would have steered him away from his ego. It would have sent him in search of fairness and patience and compassion. Perhaps it would have even kept his co-worker’s crescent wrench from shattering his skull.


4 thoughts on “Inarticulate Pipe Bomb

  1. Sometimes people get too wrapped up in a process that they can’t see beyond the lines until it’s beyond too late. This is a strong piece which you could expand upon if you wanted. Or just leave it a flash of lightening.

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  2. As usual the “like” option doesn’t work for me. I wonder why. What’s wrong with me? Maybe it’s the rain falling somewhere up on the mountain. Don’t know, could be. At any rate, this piece is more evidence of your feeling out the interior of your thoughts. Seeing what is in there, particularly as it relates to others and then there’s the ending. I look upon this kind of writing as a setting free, a run to higher ground, where the view is better and the mountains are blue in the distance. What’s that? Yes, this is the age of the expanding man. Try not to give up the high ground. Thanks. Duke

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