Something Meaningless

How I envy the bare feet, naked breasts,
dancing spines, skeptical eyes
of the rare and brilliant indigenous

Existing at galactic center
among the Truth, surviving the lie
of alien technology.

O luxury! Coveted sweat and tears!
Industrial processed isolated fear.

If my mask was not a symbol of blood,
I would lay it at their feet and
beg for shelter in their wake.


3 thoughts on “Something Meaningless

  1. Hi. K.,

    I once debated someone about the differences between quantum physics and jungle spirit worship. My position was the two forms of thought arrived at the same end and only used dissimilar vocabularies. The teacher said I lost the debate and he gave me a failing grade for that part of the course. I think on the summation of my views, he said “Bull Shit”. He was an alcoholic, with a bad marriage and his depression veiled the room on cold days. So K., I’m sorry to say, you would have gotten an F as well. We could have gone to one of the bars along the campus and had a beer and discussed our futures outside of school. That would have been fun. Thanks. Duke

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