There is a word beyond love

And we will find it and we will drink it and it will be ours forever and ever,



One thought on “There is a word beyond love

  1. So I have taken your sentence and let it trickle over my mind. What might the word be? That is the journey and I think I have seen whatever it is in a long line of eyes, shoulder to shoulder, laid out upon the ground. Of course, I could be wrong, but if it is beyond love then that seems like a very rare word indeed. Maybe it is Conrad’s final word. Could that be it? Probably not. This is a word that is a feeling and not a sound; unwritten in books. Yes, I think it must be felt in our darkest and happiest moments. The word is fleeting and it leaves no trace, yet we know it is there somewhere back in time, in the depths of the sea, and if we desire to know, if we try hard enough, it is there. Most people could care less. Ignorance is strength, love is hate, peace is war and it is the double-think that tries to kill the word before we can recognize it. Woe is us, helmsman, and we turn into the wind, yet we are moving forward. How can that be? It is the word, the truth in our breathing as we brave the storm. Forward, whispers the word, until we can go no further. Yes, I am happy with this word. I can feel it now riding upon your sentence. Thanks. Duke

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