The way it is: 2pac tribute

Munitions tainted, scraps of livid ashes and a task to sell.
Was time worth counting back before the bell?
What are we working for and when will it come back?
A shallow grave and a body that becomes a sack.

Flags raised like wreaths around a funeral,
Count the bodies of the children at the base of those.

Grow dope in the field, cull the blank stares,
Give speed to the kids and then they’ll share.

Point to the pigment of the skin and make the correlation,
Give the fear a name and then enslave the nation.

We want to fight back
Just like Huey said,
Tear gas in the crowd and we’re seeing red.

With our hands on each other,
can’t keep them clean enough to build a home and love one another.

We bleed ’em shameless,
We all agree to malice tactics on the weak and gainless.
And though you’re here in front of me,
I only see my own reflection til you show me green.

Try to go without and living off the grid, the world’s changing.
&that’s the way it is.

I see no changes,
All I see is nazis on scene
mouths stitched by fear
it’s a veneer for the people who be takin lives- it’s a blunder,

I wonder what it takes to make this.
One human race, let’s give grace to the wasted,
Take the power from the people who be takin lives

Cuz both black and white are dying from H tonight.

Need to make time to heal and get to know each other,
We all have roots in the earth our mother.
And I know we thought hell repented
When we saw a black president.

But it aint a secret
“don’t conceal the facts, the penitentiaries packed and it’s filled with blacks.”

But some things will never change.

You can try to live the easy way, with your back to your family,
No emotions,
And what are you gonna do when you got no one else to turn to but the demon in you?
It’s time to open up our minds today,
and help a kid today, and regardless of his skin today,
I made a choice to make a change, they gotta be saved, well hey-

That’s the way it is.


2 thoughts on “The way it is: 2pac tribute

  1. Hi K.,

    So I sent you “A Huey P. Newton Story”. Your poem made me feel so sad within the confines of your fine images. There is good and bad in the world. My good comes in small moments and then the bad comes in very broad shadows that reach across the years. That’s the problem. The darkness often overwhelms the good. Is there anything to be done? I have searched my whole life for the answer. Oh, K…indeed, let us help a kid today and when the depression comes let us somehow smile into the darkness. I am trying, always trying, but for me anyway, the dice are loaded. Thanks. Duke

    Liked by 2 people

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