Jekyll and Hyde

Jekyll maintains his gleaming, non-threatening appearance by stuffing all the urges he accumulates throughout the week down into a metal box that sits in the corner of his basement, inside a vault. Hyde is the only other one with access to this vault and come the weekend he pads down the stairs in Jekyll’s silk slippers, whispering to himself the digits of a security code. When he comes to the door of the vault he pauses just long enough to adjust the angle of his erection, before entering the security code and stepping inside. He sticks a key into the metal box. His blood pressure rises. The box opens. He takes his cock out and strokes it with his left hand as he chops up two generous lines of premium cocaine with his right. He opens a laptop, puts on a pair of headphones and finds his favourite teenage porn site. His cock is as hard as it gets. Powder fills his nose, porn fills his eyes. Finally, he ejaculates onto a pair of his niece’s panties. In the wee hours of the morning it is Jekyll that leaves the vault, ready for the drudgery of another week at the office.


2 thoughts on “Jekyll and Hyde

  1. So my like button doesn’t work and you know that, but with this Jekyll thing, not having a like button might save me some jail time. I guess I can be a virtual witness for Jan. Thanks. Duke

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