Manja Mexi Movie is the Winner

For her brilliant response – green is my favorite color.  The friend is a bug, generally green, and Duke’s favorite color is green.  So send me your particulars Manja. You’re the winner of a paperback version of Living and Dying with Dogs, Turbo Edition!

Check out her blog – she’s a brilliant photographer. 


4 thoughts on “Manja Mexi Movie is the Winner

  1. Aaaaaaaa! What can I say. Go green! Less is more! You can’t win unless you buy the ticket! 😀

    I’m exstatic (escatic, ecstatic … I always spell it right only on the third try). Paperback edition too! I’ll send my address to your email.

    Thank you, Jan + Duke. Love you!

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  2. Love is in the air…it needs to spread across the sea and over the mountains to those places without love. Maybe. Who knows.? Thanks and I hope you enjoy the book. Duke

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