Watered Silk

Selene, the moon, will see it all

She’ll see the TechnofernoTM

She’ll see the end of what never really ended

She’ll see the smother of invention

She’ll see lithium apples

She’ll see quick forests

She’ll see uploaded clouds

She’ll see reigning screens

She’ll see religion give its watered silk to science

She’ll see slaves with the hands of masters

She’ll see the masters grow new hands

She’ll see the hands grow new slaves

She’ll see the gamblers gambling on the children choking

She’ll see everything with her chin in her palm

She’ll see herself turning away

(feel free to read from the bottom up)


6 thoughts on “Watered Silk

      1. Heinlein would know best. The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. My favorite part (which I think I read there) is flying (with artificial wings) in the 1/6th lunar gravity inside huge caverns, pressurized with air.


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