Untitled Number Five

When she finally cartwheeled outta da bed
and tumbled to da window
sans energy or care,
the sky was not blue but grey. 

“Is it cloudy?” she asked Monsieur Cat,
who could give a fuck,
“or is that smoke or fog?”
And the cat smirked.
And the crow cawed
and something menaced from above. 

A stealth bomber?
No, a hawk. 

And thus began another day.

“What shall I eat
but cereal
perhaps with blueberries
And the tea
should have caffeine
Otherwise I should climb back into da fucking bed.”

The pine tree loses its needles and they spread all over. . . endlessly.  So many needles are on a pine tree.  Countless days of raking, raking and she must dress and she must go on.


11 thoughts on “Untitled Number Five

  1. This is a most astounding piece of writing, not only the sentiment and the lyric, but also the timing! I was listening to DNA with Suzanne Vega and visualizing a story for THs along similar lines, not the same Vega idea, but the existential nature of words to produce an effect somewhere between imagination and reality. I’ve always been interested in this idea, which makes much of what I write incomprehensible. Your post is exactly the sort of thing I was visualizing. WTF. Anyway, great job. I love this piece Jan! Thanks. Duke

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  2. This is what I was listening to when you posted. I think you have captured what Tom’s Diner is all about in Untitled Number Five. More reason to believe that THs is important, at least to me. Thanks. Duke

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  3. Yes, Untitled Number Five is sad, resigned, natural, inexorable, lyrical, momentary, alive, expectant…all of these things that are reflective of Tom’s Diner. You should put your lyrics to some music. Thanks. Duke


    1. I used to write songs and I guess most of them were about everyday small sadnesses. I had to listen to the song again to get the reference to the actor – Holden was definitely resigned – always had that it will be another day but here goes attitude. Not a pleasant mood to start a day with but it happens. The day followed through on the promise but hot smokey days are hard to put a cheery face on.


  4. What led me to Tom’s Diner was the fact that Vega had never heard of William Holden. She references his death in the lyric. O youth, pass the bottle. Perfect line for this instance, this moment in time. Thanks. Duke

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  5. Jan, I really enjoyed this! Love the mix of mundane and menace, lyrical and rhythmic. Agree it could make a good song.
    Yes it made me think of fires, but who isn’t thinking of fires these days? Yesterday was a mix of fog and smoke and at night my eyes started to burn and blur. Am I spending too much time in California?

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