Rocky looked at the tag of the shirt, “It’s Goodwear…I’ve heard of them…American made, sourced and manufactured,” he said, nodding his head in approval. “They don’t exploit kids in sweatshops because they aren’t venal bastards maximizing net profits in countries where pollution controls and child labour laws are logical fallacies first, punchlines second and afterthoughts third…The good people at Goodwear, walk it like they talk it. They put workers first where they belong. They don’t prosper off the arthritic hands, hunched backs and bloodshot eyes of slave labour because they’re not slave drivers. They’re the ethical and sensible alternative to the chancre of hypocrisy that named itself after the Greek goddess of victory because it knew it would win by stacking its marketing department with psychologists capable of squeezing social and financial capital from commercials that marry celebrities to platitudes that deliver the goods: the sanctimonious tingles of moral authority.”


3 thoughts on “Chills

  1. Seconds off on another double. Killing time. Avoiding the book. Thanks companion. Have you seen Voyager? I’m reading the book, “Homo Faber”. Ties in with this post. Thanks. Duke

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