Pitiful Paragraph

I did not want to go where that question led, so I said it was my mom checking in on me, and while this white lie left my white tongue I cringed at the lick of white paint it would leave on the already whitewashed wall I had built between me and her to protect us both from the truth. Pitiful, isn’t it? If it’s all the same to you, then I’ll conclude this pitiful paragraph with a confession: The manufactured miserableness of my existence will never excuse my cowardly retreat from the truth, because the truth would have prevented the voice of her instinct from stealing her sleep with relentless whispers of my fall.

People are made of people.

This I now know.

Big times are made of small times.

This I now know.

4 thoughts on “Pitiful Paragraph

  1. Ultimately life comes down to a single word or a phrase at best. Moments pass like that and then there is the last one and sometimes it is meaningful even to those who might notice. Yeah, WP is a bit like that. Who is listening, who notices? Meaningful, but to whom? Us usually, but beyond that we need to check the stats. Ha. Mothers… I once gave a speech that the relationship between a mother and son was the most important human relationship that existed. It was a long speech and poorly received. Thanks. Duke

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