Not Another One (ffs)

The tunnel was covered in porcelain tile, reminiscent of New York City’s older subway stations. The wall on our right glowed red with reflected taillights, and the wall on our left glowed white with reflected headlights, as the low roar of engines reverberated loudly between them, creating an audiovisual onslaught that found lots of traction on the one-way street of my withdrawal. Not one to waste an opportunity, my vandal started pushing buttons and crossing wires inside my head, and suddenly we were driving between giant sleeping snakes with neon scales. We had to drive as quietly as we could so as not to disturb them, but the red one was closer and it started glowing brighter, which meant it was waking up, and if it woke up, then we were going to be arrested at the border, so I reached down and squeezed my testicles as hard as I could because it never failed to neutralize the irrational thoughts that preceded my panic attacks. Incidentally, it also delayed orgasms when orgasms needed delaying.


4 thoughts on “Not Another One (ffs)

  1. music containing substantive, educational messages to optimize their child.

    I suspect the clue to the thinking lay behind the tattoo right across his forehead which simply
    read: “Mind the Gap”. But Nothing To Do With You expose another side of The Pigeon Detectives.

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