The Wall


with the state of things.
You know our elders taught us
that love was SUPREME,

and just as we came of age
they made a public call to hate.

I can’t relate

to this concept of
filing broken people
into dust.

And leaving our sick to rust,
crime rampant in the streets
and so many mother’s sons
without shoes on their feet-
just sleeping in the cold
and dying of exposure,

there’s no closure
for the wide awake among us.

Only Kafkaesque sleep paralysis
where our innards are strung up
and made an example of.

How much can we take?
How many more souls can we erase
before we resound with callous
calls to hate

In the name of self preservation?


4 thoughts on “The Wall

  1. I too tend to look upon the world with disheartened remorse. Yet, oddly, and to my chagrin, I continue to discover evidence that the people of the world are growing up and conditions are getting better. Stephen Pinker and Hans Rosling and others have shown me that in spite of the daily onslaught of hatred, bigotry, misogyny, and oppression evidenced by the media, in general, humanity is progressing. So, take heart.

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