The climb to the peak was steep

As liberty knitted me

A cap that fit

Better than most

Riven knives

Ravens’ beaks

Spiral wind inductees

Where am I going with this


Where the arrows point me

Through the pasture

Over the rock

To the silver maple cinema fire

Burning a Stranger’s bones

Beneath the web

At the top of the door

And what does the spider say?

He says you can’t go home



2 thoughts on “Inductee

  1. This one kind of lives on its own, but functions within the book as a foreshadow. I don’t know why I share stuff sometimes, because I know most of it’s freefloating to the point of coming off as fluff, but the process of posting throws me into a fifth gear in terms of editing, and unfortunately I can’t seem to get there any other way.

    Thanks Jan!

    Liked by 2 people

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