Moist Joint

“Guru is a four letter word to most people, figuratively and literally, but to me it’s only a four letter word in the literal sense—a multifaceted literal sense—because my guru is weed,” she said as she took a joint out of her jean jacket pocket, submerged it completely in her mouth, and then pulled it back out, moistening the paper with her lips. I could have watched that happen all day and never would I have tired from it. In fact, I can still see it happening in my head like it was happening right in front of me, even after the passage of a decade. I wonder where Ronnie is now? I bet you she’s living the dream on Mullholland Drive.


4 thoughts on “Moist Joint

  1. Rent a chem-lab and a cropduster and fly the Red-Right midwest spraying the towns with LySergic acid Diethylamide. Perhaps then, those beneath the third-eye cloud will experience their inner guru awaken and insight spawn a generation of rational choice.

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