Moist Joint

I contemplated the impact of mental slavery on the attainment of authenticity as Ronnie took a joint from her jean jacket pocket and added her own voice to the philosophical dialogue, “Guru is a four letter word to most people, literally and figuratively, but to me it stops at literally, because my guru is weed,” she said, before submerging the joint in her mouth, moistening it from end to end. I could have watched that all day long and never would I have tired from it. Even now, a full decade later, I can see it happening in my head like it was happening right in front of me. Hmm. I wonder where she is today. Could she be living the dream on Mullholland Drive?


4 thoughts on “Moist Joint

  1. Rent a chem-lab and a cropduster and fly the Red-Right midwest spraying the towns with LySergic acid Diethylamide. Perhaps then, those beneath the third-eye cloud will experience their inner guru awaken and insight spawn a generation of rational choice.

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