California is burning

No moon, no stars,
only fire engines on the ridge,
their lights flashing.

And a helicopter overhead.

The wind howling all day,
the house creaking,
the car at the ready in the driveway.

Only the whole state is burning.
Nowhere to go.

The sun set in a blood red balloon,
the air is worse than burnt Peking Duck.
I never thought I’d spend
the end of days
playing with a cat,
And of course, sneezing.

No moon, no stars.
At least I got to try that new Indian restaurant.

[currently we’re not being evacuated, just feeling horrible for those who have been and it is nightmarishly dark here]


7 thoughts on “California is burning

  1. Oh, but did you misspell “Duck”? And for that matter, I guess you used a k for an e in Peking, but all of this falls under the rubric of creative licence, not by the writer, but the reader. On a serious note, I’m so sorry all of this is happening in CA and I hope it stays away from you. Reading about it now and it looks like 20 or so fires burning across the state. What a disaster! Good luck! Duke


    1. Thanks Duke – we live about a mile from the site of the Oakland Hills fire and had to drive through the devastation to get to work. So we really don’t sleep well until the first rains.


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