Diamond box

Mouse of mine,
I’ve made for you a maze.

Impenetrable diamond box beneath the earth,
swaddled in the sweltering magma like
the immortal star under a blanket
you have always been.

So safe, warm and concealed
beneath the shifting plates
the winding roadways,
shivering mountains.

As far as the roads of Agartha will take you
from the violent apes and their
precious gates
to heaven and hell.

Monkey of mine,
there are hot springs and peaceful beings-
as many ripe kiwis as a boy could eat.

Mr. Golden Sun is just a sweet song away
with a rainbow necklace that you can wear
and a glowing crystal crown
from the icy end of a meteor
for your precious royal head.

When it is time to sleep,
you and me and daddy makes three
will pillow fight with fluffy clouds,
flying like jets that will never cradle missiles.

We will crash into one another
with pink and white love hearts settling on impact at our feet.

We’ll laugh ourselves to sleep
next to a river of mama milk.

Let’s pack our bags,
I’ll leave my rage and fear in the pantry.
I’ll leave my memories
and broken heart that haunt me.

I’ll suck all of the bad out of you,
and we will go as Hobbits do
never knowing where our feet will be swept to-

Across the snowy peaks and then into the red hot heart of the mountain.

Let’s go, Petal,
I will keep you safe.
Our hands are made for holding.

And here is my gift to you,
a diamond box beating the rhythm
for our dancing.


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