Easter on Christmas Eve

Whenever I move my hands in a certain way

I think about my old Christian girlfriend

Sin for her was like an undercooked pancake

It was disappointing

On a regular basis she would accuse me of being

a Roman soldier building a cross for Jesus

I never quite got what she meant, but maybe it had something to do with our wanton behavior in bed

That was probably it


One thought on “Easter on Christmas Eve

  1. The girls I knew in high school who enjoyed sex the most were those who were the most religious and after they would “sin” it was a hundred Hail Marys or whatever and I don’t know if that felt better or worse though I suspect ingrained masochism. Christ died for my sins so I do something bad so that I can suffer. Sex is the link between life and death, Christmas and Easter. And behind all my blah blah blah, I really like this piece.


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