The Face-Down Girl

one last look back

at the war of her identity

eyes blink a final kiss

Sumpul and Nanking

the wall turns a page

heavy with metal

a spine to flay

Ochota and Nyarubuye

she moves and sighs

ugly in candle light

abandoned braid of hair

Adana and Ixil

lips of flowers

bird nest burns within

cover the face forever down

Pit River and Iguala

wake the stars

float the body

throw the bleeding nurse onto the ribs

use a knife to stab the lungs

no breath for the blind child

only stones for roses, only mud for meat



2 thoughts on “The Face-Down Girl

  1. A series of quartets, each almost haiku, until the an ending that puts me in mind of the Fisher King – not the movie – from the Wasteland. I love the phrases “the wall turns a page” and the “lips of flowers.” Agree with Anony about the ending.


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