Foam Rubber Checks

Miss Tinker is Malverde’s town historian

She has cobwebs for hair and lives a life of soundproof comfort

Her dusty fingers wrote “A History of the Malverde Silent Movie Company”

The book is like the image of an old mirror taking back smiles

Unrequited love was a common theme for a Malverde movie

Only mute actors were given contracts

They moved across the frames as if the light was welcoming them home

Films were bankrolled by two silent partners, Lone Wolf Dry-Stream and Roger Butter

They made a killing on cotton and butter during the war

Checks for new projects were written on foam rubber

They were sent from distant offices and they floated endlessly through the vacuum of time and space

When the theater lights went down on a Malverde silent film, the darkness replaced the people in the seats and they were frozen in mid-chew, eating popcorn that tasted like buttered cotton

During those days, Malverde was a town of shadows without sound and the people went about their business as if no one was really there





5 thoughts on “Foam Rubber Checks

  1. Totally accessible and engrossing, Duke. An interesting and unsentimental take on what it was like. It’s your lacvk of saccharine and cute that i admire the most.

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  2. This reads like an echo that wasn’t there, it’s ethereal and elusive and beautifully sculpted. It’s like dusty memories of the past, how things once were. I love it.
    I did try to comment before but it didn’t go through, so my apologies if it went to the trash file & you now have two. x

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