Fourth Poem Advice

Sometimes my poems are published by online magazines and when that happens no one reads them as far as I can tell

Is it just me?

Sometimes I get advice from magazines, here is a piece…Thanks for your recent submission, your work is not suitable for our magazine, however, you have unrealized talent and we hope the following advice helps

Please consider dropping the following words from your poetry as they are way overused and you don’t want to be accused of being derivative…dark, distant, sea, sand, love, bird (or birds), night, sunshine, fish (of any sort), skin, dream, hole, death (or dying), sex (any fantasy or fetish and certainly the word masturbation), there, and and

“There” is a word that makes you only an observer, consider “here”, it is more present and places you directly in the action, “and” is a word you should also remove from your poetic vocabulary, it identifies you as a novice polo player unable to control the runaway pony of your mind

There are, of course, other words, but if you will just start with these you might have a chance, we encourage you to submit other poems in six months time as long as they don’t include the aforementioned words

(Cutting from “Malverde Days” an epic poem soon to be published by John’s Motorcycle Storage and Rare Book Disposal.)


2 thoughts on “Fourth Poem Advice

  1. I believe you are being satirical and I am chuckling – although like all good satire, it’s contains much truth about “helpful” rejection letters. Pleasing those sorts of poetry critics is like trying to get a good pedicure and cutting off a toe.

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