The Man Without Legs

The man without legs leans against a building holding an empty cup, smiling, begging

He’s looking at the photo of a pachuco in a Zoot suit and he wonders if the tailor down the street can make him one with short pants and the hope of a Zoot suit turns his smile into a laugh and he laughs so hard he starts to cry

Rain begins to fall and no one notices the legless man crying over the photo of the Zoot suit, and then, in one of those holy moments, the rain stops and the sun comes out and history becomes two beautiful legs shining upon the sidewalk

4 thoughts on “The Man Without Legs

    1. Hi A.,

      I did away with periods, paragraphs, indention, the dash, semicolons, and colons. In the end I kept the comma, the ellipse and the use of “and”. I am still thinking about doing away with capitals at beginning of sentence, but Jan thinks if I did that then I’d have to get rid of all capitals. So I hesitate. Why do these things? Because I wanted the grammar to be secondary to the words I wrote. But whatever…right? Thanks. Duke


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