A Change in the Weather

Vivian once had a daughter, a red snow cone, an ocean wave, but no more

She left me in New York, says Vivian, she’s a disappointment…I had plans, but I try not to think about that

I don’t know Vivian, I say into my drink, that must be hard to do

Not really, she was a naïve liberal, a peacenik like I should agree with all that, she went to  Iraq right before the invasion, she volunteered to be a human shield, people called her a traitor…I don’t know where she is now, so long ago…I think of her as a change in the weather, she’s part of the pressure, the wind, the temperature…I sit motionless in her betrayal, she’s nothing but warmth turning cold

I can’t tell if Vivian is breathing, she’s a dirty marble statue and then I let myself out as the maid begins to dust her body with feathers from some old god


2 thoughts on “A Change in the Weather

  1. Hi A. Mole,

    There is a final scene in a movie called Coffee in Berlin and it happens in a bar and this kid ends up talking to an old Nazi. Funny how our thoughts are kicked around in different ways…films, writing, paintings and sometimes it’s the same thing, remembering bad stuff. This kid had let his father down, ran all over Berlin doing dumb stuff, and then the Nazi puts everything into context and the kid can see that and then the movie ends. Thanks. Duke Who knows, maybe you speak German. Here is the clip.

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