It’s Been a Bad Week

Saturday saw the son of an old friend die … I wish it had been my friend instead of his son, consoling the son about the father would have been easier than the other way around … the wife is also dead, so my old friend, as they say, is totally fucked

On Sunday I got word a warlord I once helped with fuel and food took office, his ascension will lead to the death of thousands … against all advice I sent him a bottle of tequila with a note that said, with my compliments, enjoy the fuel that powered the Mexican Revolution to victory … and then he started putting drops of gasoline into the eyes of his enemies and lighting them, something got lost in translation

Monday made a stove blow up in my face … Genevieve said, I think the oven went out … I asked, are you sure, how long has it been off, I don’t know, maybe a few minutes anyway … so I turned off the gas, opened the stove door, looked at the two yellow squash, waited about five minutes and then bent over to light the burner, when I did, I heard a snap and realized in that instant the gas had fallen beneath the stove, trapped against the floor … the explosion blew me backward like the panel of a graphic novel

Terrible night on Tuesday and I awoke with my hyperacusis returned, if you don’t know hyperacusis, perhaps you should find out … there are only a few reasons worthwhile for suicide, and I would argue a good case of hyperacusis is one of them

Wednesday I went to eat at a restaurant I’d avoiding for five years, the clientele are the worst sort of idiots … I had a vegan burger … five hours later I threw up nine times, I like to count the number of times I throw up on food poisoning it makes me feel smart

On Thursday morning at four a.m., I crapped watery diarrhea in the bed … you might well know that the viscosity of human shit is a marvel to behold, once it gets into something like a cotton mattress it turns Shakespearian … Missa Him, a severe critic, knew the score and went to the back of the closet, she stayed there for the rest of the night

I am bracing for Friday, wondering, waiting and then it will be Saturday again and I will have to relive everything over like the seven walls of a locked room in an asylum, but like I say, I have to make it past Friday


7 thoughts on “It’s Been a Bad Week

    1. Hi A.,

      As usual there is some sort of synchronicity in THs and the way you and I have communicated over the past four fucking years, maybe even going on five. Can you believe it? I can’t. Motherfucker. One day you’ll get an email…hi, you don’t know me, but blah, blah, blah. Seven spaces of time … we are creatures of knowing, even when we don’t really know, which is all the time, seven or not. Thanks and good luck to us all. Duke


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