Minuets of da Broad, writ by Girl Pokey

Girl Pokey couldn’t wait to tell her PO that she’d gotten a job only four days after being paroled. “I knew I’d git it cuz I know all about motorsickles,” she told her PO, “but I didn’t see any.”

“Well it was only your first day.  What did they have you do?” 

“Well, I showed up on time at a warehouse down on Malverde River. The door was open and so I walked in.  I thought it was empty and then I spotted three gigantic screens hangin’ from the back wall. Lookin’ down at me from the middle screen was a peculiar looking woman with a goofy smile. In the screen to her right was a dog with his tongue hanging out and panting as if he was someware real hot.  In the window to the left all I could see was the top of a man’s head.  His hair was kind of nappy like he was a brother, you know, but it turned out he waren’t. 

The woman told me she was Ms Twissel, the VP of Landmine Detection.  Duke, she explained, pointing to the dog, was the VP of Quality Control and the nappy headed man had sometin’ to do with foreign relations.  She told me I was to write down the minutes of their meetin’ and mail it to her in an envelope on the desk by the door.”

“Umm,” the PO asked, “Did you tell them at the interview you hadn’t graduated from high school?”

“It was jest a phone interview and I said I knowed how to write real good!  How much writing you have to do to work with motorsickles? Besides I was hoping you might correct my notes before I send them.”

The PO agreed and took the paper from Girl Pokey’s trembling hands.  It read:

At da anal meetin of da Broad a Die-rectors a John’s Motorsickle Re-parr & Rare Book Disposl Company LLD an PDQ dah idums on duh ahhgenda ware:

How many books done got rite

How many fish could dem dare books fry if we wazen to burn ‘em

Can we awford ta be publishin anymore a dem dare books

Owr VP of Landmins was might pleased to display owr ROI as follers:

  / “`\

/`        \ _______________^ ^ ^ __________


Thar was quite an than, Duke bekun a hootin an a hollerin Owr profites is as steady as the Queer Mary on the Sargazzi sea  Id say its time to pubic some more books an my godness me I jest happen to have 1 reddy name of Malverde daze

Twas than the VP of Somekind a relations rised up his stinkass drunk head an said Wazzup, cuzzes?????? Are thar forain bodies to be looked into?????

I jest tole yall abut owr ROI an PTSD  Miss Twissel says Whar’s your report??????

I m happy to report that the forain bodies in Witchta an omaha have agred to get back on the bus or at lest in the taxi but first I hadda take em to Wallys World

After reading about what happened at Wally’s World, Girl’s PO stopped and glanced at Girl Pokey’s hopeful face.  She could feel her own face burning bright red.  “What sort of business did they say they were in?”

“Motorsickles and something to do with disposin‘ of fine books.  You was readin’ the Wally’s World part, wasn’t you?”


“Don’t worry. There ain’t much left and it ain’t gonna make you blush.” 

“I hope not.”  The PO reluctantly continued:

Snap, snap says Ms Twissel an than she rised a gavel an diclared the meetin over an says Miss Pokey pull a few $20s from the petty cash drawr an put them in the envelope so we can prepar for the lunch of Duke’s book

But Miss Pokey says (that be me) thars only 18 bucks in the petty cash drawr

Fiddly dee fiddly da we all now thar are no landmins in the Malverde.”

After that the windas all went dark. 

The End. 

Writ by Girl Pokey

After her PO stopped reading, Girl Pokey asked, “How did I do?”

“Just fine,  I believe this is a job that will suit you just fine.”

4 thoughts on “Minuets of da Broad, writ by Girl Pokey

  1. Hi Jan,

    I have known you and Aaron for about four years now. We have done BTrope, WPad, the Shrewdenfrueds, the PMessages, the late night emails, GReads, FBook, Twitter … all the others and it has been boring, infuriating, sad, endearing, and hopeful, but through it all there was a sort of give a shit understanding about all of it…let us chill children. I am happy to say that the whole undertaking is now officially worth it because of Minutes of Da Broad, Writ by Girl Pokey. It is the most creative piece of writing any of us has ever done that I know of at least. With all “new art” it is inspired by other, already finished pieces, but by combining old with new something unique and wonderful appears … funny, a sort of inside fantasy that A., me, John, and you can really enjoy and it might be a mystery to others, but that is good since the writing is beautiful and like I say funny. Uncle Remus meets Jackie Brown … so thank you for this, like A. once told me, “it gives me hope”. I was listening to this when I read it and think it most appropriate. Anyway, kudos. Love. Duke

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Thanks Duke. I forgot to tell you and Aaron that I hired Girl Pokey to help us with the launch of our books. I honestly was going to delete this post first thing in the morning when I came to my senses but I guess you got up earlier than me. It is kind of an insider’s joke. Yes we really exist in a storage facility divided into three universes – sometimes four. Out of control seems to be part of our, dare I say, charm. Curse.

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  3. There’s a motorsickle (sic) storage garage full of charm in this piece. Love it. And if Duke is our mostly fearless captain who stands slightly bent at the helm of the SS tin hat, with his self-effacing manner symbolized by the unlit joint living and dying in the corner of his mouth, and he’ll get around to lighting it some day under a distant red sky, until then, however, the flying fish are singing Wagner, and the mezcal bottle longs to be stuffed with a one word message, and he tells tales that turn the timbers into trembling moonflowers, and Jan, well she’s the only one with an inkling of where the fuck the ship is going and we depend on her because of this, but also because she’s the only female on the ship, and therefore Duke and I find ourselves lashed to the masts, but it’s all rather funny and sad in equal amounts, and we wouldn’t mop the poop deck of any other ship, which reminds me, I’m the janitor, so I mop the poop deck a lot, but sometimes I find myself hanging from the bowsprit, raving drunk and whispering to myself the words in the whites of the waves.

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    1. I have no inkling – I just make agendas while Girl Pokey tries to catch those flying Wagner whistling fish. The comments on this post are as entertaining as the post itself. Lol.


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