Premature Ejackulation

We (or rather I) launched the ebook of Duke’s Malverde Days before I had uploaded the paperback and subsequently discovered Amazon wasn’t going to give the book a spine wide enough for text. We had too few pages.

I asked Senor Duke if going without a spine was an option and he said to me “do I seem like the spineless sort to you? I’ve got a handful of pieces I cut in order to make the Malverde a lean, mean fighting machine. Some are pretty good.”

Now, if Duke the Doubtful says a bit of his writing is “pretty good” you gotta know Ms. Twissel’s gonna insist he share it with all you Tinhatters out there. So we’re going to add those pieces and re-release the ebook and hopefully get Amazon to print us a book with a reasonable spine.  If you already bought the ebook, let me know and I will send you the updated version.

7 thoughts on “Premature Ejackulation

  1. Hehehe. That will teach me not to be early ever again. I’m never early for anything but now I was. Got the book here on amore’s kindle. While you’re at it, is it possible to release the epub version as well? Or has Kindle got monopoly now? In any case, I’m very curious about the updated version.


    1. Something like that. We tried a bunch of fancy formatting and it blew up in my face. The converters for ebooks (to Kindle) and ePub (for Apple store) do not support any kind of fancy formatting at all.

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