Every Five Frigging Minutes

I was going to attempt to be witty but after struggling with Amazon for over a week, witty ain’t me.  Or I ain’t witty. Heck I ain’t even feeling very smart!

But somehow we did manage to get Duke’s book published and at a page length that will give the book a spine. To do so Duke added several more episodes of life in the fictional (maybe) town of Malverde.  Although I wasn’t able to upload the custom cover for the paperback …

… and was forced to use one of their templates, I think Duke was actually happier with the result.



… this above image was grabbed from Amazon and only shows the front. The original art work (used for the back and front) is below:

It is a cover definitely worthy of the book.  I wish I’d been able tame the Amazon beast and do a better job with the design,  but because they publish a new book every five minutes, they are not in the business of nurturing or even helping writers.  My hope is that Duke and Aaron find an Amazon beast tamer more powerful than me.

Both the ebook and the paperback can be purchased here.    If you bought the original ebook and would like the new version, please let me know.  If you buy the book, please consider leaving a review.  The more reviews he gets the more likely Amazon will be to pay attention to him.  You don’t have to say much.

If I ever feel witty or even vaguely competent again I will try to figure out how to publish on  Barnes & Noble, or some other forum.




6 thoughts on “Every Five Frigging Minutes

  1. Hi Jan,

    Thanks for all your hard work! Damn it to hell, we can all agree to hate Amazon and certainly morn the passing of Create Space. There is no John’s Motorcycle Storage and Rare Book Disposal without you. I”d have jack shit in the way of books that I could hold in my hand and say something like “Look at this … feel it, glance at it, maybe read a few pages …” And then we’d go our own way, driving around, sitting for long periods, fighting, talking to no end, sleeping, etc. I’ll have that memory in my mind until the day I die., “Look at this … ” Our relationship is like a painting or a song and that is the level I am currently working on, writing this to you as if your were hanging in front of me, sitting down by the shore. blurring, only a few strokes against the waves … something like that or maybe a tune plucked out on a guitar as paper unrolls across a floor. A woman saying, “Pick up up. I’m using it for one of my paintings.” Something like that and now I must take all of the pages I wrote in the shower and put them down before they get lost in the various wars of my mind. Thanks. Duke

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    1. Thank you Anony. Yesterday I checked out this sites and also Kobo, primarily for Manja. They claim to market to the international set and are apparently growing and doing well. Did you try Amazon at all?

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  2. I dig you man but you’re making me feel less competent by the minute – we need to sign you up as John’s Motorcycle Storage and Rare Book Disposal technical advisor and chief mechanic! It’s currently a high esteem position which means no to low pay but you get to choose your own title.


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