Lover, I have loved you with a heart
like a fungus,
did my blood speck you in spores
at the cut?

Under your skin
So grey, slick and hazy, and so delicate,
when you tried to pick me up,
my gills split and crumbled
with wet.

O honey you have loved me with a heart
like a dam,
like you were up at the top of the wall
waving down to me in the dried up quarry.

and so far above my head,
you’ve held the depths
in muddled umber and emerald,
swimming with silver creatures
I’d love to know up close-
or hook at the gills to flay and consume,
if that’s the only way.

4 thoughts on “Spore

  1. Hi K.,

    It is good your heart is a fungus. That is okay. I don’t want any other part of you to be a fungus, but that is just me. The words about your lover being on top of the dam with you in the quarry and the other creatures swimming around that you may have to eat in order to save the relationship, I can clearly see. Yes, I see you there looking up at this person wondering WTF, why does it have to be this way? Love can be a disaster sometimes and most of the time it is, but then ever so often it becomes the only thing really worthwhile about living. I used to say love was overrated, but no more. I’m officially on the love team for whatever small impact it may have upon the world. Love is the only thing keeping me alive these days and I do love your poems and hope you find the time to get a book together. The meter is running on Jan and one of these days we are all going to say fuck Amazon and that will be it. I don’t know if any of us has the strength to find a new publishing platform. I’m pulling for Aaron to finish. You need to talk to him since he is fighting to make a deadline. Maybe that is what you need, a good old fashion self-imposed deadline. Oh well, what do I know? Nothing, nothing at all. Thanks and as always, Duke.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Time is running out on Jan in more ways than one but a shot of Kari always increases the JanoMeter. Nicely organic, primordial and brave with passion. Bravo! I do have the energy to figure out another publishing outlet but it won’t be as cheap or provide the same royalties… Just things to think about for now. With the weather absolutely perfect here, I’m in garden most days.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Jan wins the hopeful post of the day, thanks. As I’ve said before, this thing ain’t working without Jan. All hail Jan! Thanks. Duke


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