I’ve debated whether to mention that Taxicab to Wichita and Bus Back to Omaha were published in 2014 and 2015, respectively, because dressing underdeveloped narratives up in jackets does not make them ready for the Library of Congress. Still, I’d like to thank Stevie McCoy and Majanka Verstraete, both of whom I worked with under the previous publisher’s disruptively innovative business model (Seattle, Washington). Flashforward to 2019, and here I am rewriting the acknowledgments page for a duology of rewritten books, and right about here, I need to start thanking more people…I’d like to thank my partner, Stephanie Faith-Anne Nash, who’s become expert at finding me reeking of wine and self-pity in the gutter of disillusionment, always with a smile on her face and a glass of water in her hand. I’d like to thank mom for nudging me through the steeper parts of life’s confounded learning curve. I’d like to thank my daughter, Portia, who calls me crazy when she really means eccentric (or so I tell myself). I’d like to thank my sisters, Julia and Tina, because they’ll make solid character witnesses if I ever need to plead insanity. I’d like to thank Duke Miller for his uncanny resemblance to a mentor. I’d like to thank JT Twissel for her generosity in the comment section of the Tin Hats blog. I’d like to thank Anony Mole for making fun of my ‘runny nose’ sentences. I’d like to express my sincere gratitude to John (of John’s Motorcycle Storage and Rare Book Disposal), whose largesse has a few lucky beneficiaries, of which I’m one. Finally, I’d like to thank you, dear reader, for granting me the privilege of being the next projectionist in the theatre of your mind.

8 thoughts on “Acknowledgments

  1. Hi A.,

    We are coming full circle … now for Jan and the recall of the BT days will be complete. Let’s see, has it really been five years? I just watched The Man From Earth. Now there was a guy, put us all to shame. Oh well, congrats and good luck, this book thing, for me anyway, is more about dealing with things inside of you, needing to get them out. The trick is not to make the discharge ballast from a cruise ship, bad for the environment, but more like hugs for the homeless and a $5 spot for a dirty hand. That makes everyone better. Like Joni’s cat. Thanks. Duke

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  2. Credits are oddly embarrassing, don’t you think? For a fiction novel, ending by pounding a ten foot steel rod into the ground and calling out those real people, who really exist, as folks who assisted the creation of a work of pure fantasy… I don’t know. It’s like the antithesis of the book’s intent. A necessary juxtapositional return to reality?

    > I’d like to thank my mom for being okay with the stuff I write about, and for calling me up every now and then to make sure I’m still writing about it.

    I wouldn’t be writing if it weren’t for my own mother. Sherrie is a grammarian, extraordinaire. I’m a plebe, if that. Without her edits, there’d be nothing of mine drifting on the Sea of Published.

    [I had to lookup ‘perspicacious’]


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    1. I probably shouldn’t have ended that sentence with a preposition, you’re right again, Anony. However, you aren’t quite right in assuming that this book is a work of fiction/pure fantasy.

      I think acknowledgments are a bit formal, yes. Maybe I’ll translate it into Chinese.

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      1. I’ll have to find your offering and add it to my “in solidarity” collection — in order to correct my assumptions.
        As with Duke’s, I suspect I’ll be hard pressed to determine reality from fiction.

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  3. I have reason to be even more circumspect about republishing my previously published half-baked potatoes. I pushed three of those things out the door prematurely with BT. There is a certain “you only get one chance to make a good impression” fear. Well, I made three bad impressions. But Turbo Dogs is a different read than the original Dogs as Duke included parts of Handbook. And so I expect jet-packed Taxi/Bus will be a different read from your first two pubs so no worries. I think THs has given us the freedom to write things that may shock our mothers and, in my case, make friends doubt my sanity. As Duke says, go to the edge and tell us what it’s like. It is the only way.

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    1. Thanks Jan. I want these two books to be more than different from the originals. I want them to be examples of my best work, or at least representative of my best effort, after spending the past four years stewing in my own juices as Salinger would say–learning how to craft a sentence after experimenting like a madman. As corny as it sounds, these two books have conspired to rewrite me, not the other way around.


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