The Not So High, but Very Long, Wide and Crushing Pyramid

On the very top of the pyramid are the men, particularly the rich men, driving everything down with the weight of history and violence and religion and disdain … they can feel their disease, eating at their hearts, but they do not care as they ride a genetic roller coaster toward some looming, ultimate disaster

Just beneath them are white people, because they won the pigment smirk award, first place for all those years and the victories mean separation and control and they are like skyscrapers blocking the sun, choking the air,  forcing everyone into tighter and tighter paths, pushing them onto the outskirts and into the hovels

Next come women, because they are necessary to live and grow and without them the other two levels would die, so there is that … yet it is not enough and when they speak the men only smile and so all of the mothers and daughters are raped and abused at the feet of the powerful men

On the fourth level are all the other groups … the blacks, LGBTQs, Mexicans, foreigners, Third Worlders, the disabled, the different, the hopeless, the poor, the odd balls, the enlightened ones, the truth tellers and they are buried beneath the other groups and they have a hard time walking and talking in public … they are the melancholy ones, the angry ones, the anxious, the suicidal and they fill the prisons and pack the statistics and lay beaten in the alleys … they cry out to no one

The bottom group are the children, the babies, the unformed who rely upon the ones towering over them and usually they get internal bleeding for breakfast and flies for companions as they bake, arm to arm, in long rows along dry riverbeds and they are silent in the sun

It has taken all of our time on earth to build the pyramid and it is a concentrated mass of bone and blood and twisted flesh and it continues to grow and we can all see it, but we don’t know what to do as we stand in its shadow and feel how it sucks the life out of everything in this, our final few days wandering across the wasteland


11 thoughts on “The Not So High, but Very Long, Wide and Crushing Pyramid

  1. I call it the GGR—The Great Global Reset.
    At this point, only the GGR has the hope of dismantling the pyramid. There may have been a time, recently passed, when the world could have leveled humanity’s hill. Before technology provided the means to make redundant hoards at the foundation. Soon, titanium castles will protect the elite, the Bohemians, the Bilderbergs and they will be untouchable. Untouchable, that is, without a GGR to un-nest their Matryoska enclaves.
    Collapse is coming. It comes for all civilizations. It will come for this one, and the fall, from so technologically high, will be forever.

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  2. A dystopian view, for sure, and one which, while I may not agree completely with your hierarchy – each of us having a different experience with these various levels of human existence – I largely share. It is the great tragedy of human kind that we have relegated ourselves to extinction despite all of our great achievements and philosophies. we were a species with such promise, and yet we have allowed ourselves and all other species to be thrown on the trash heap of existence by those to whom we have relegated the power, these bare fanged alpha dogs who have lead us to our own destruction.

    You write eloquently about a topic we should all be concerned with and actively attempt to combat, and yet…

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    1. Thanks Mr. Anonymous … you are right, so much of this depends upon a unique, specific POV and I have one for sure. So here here I am at the edge of everything I love, writing about what the growing storm looks like to me. Best. Duke


    1. Hi Jan,

      Yes, I’ve been working my whole life to leave a tribute to the “Old Possum”, T.S. Elliot and so here it is and he was right. Thanks. Duke


  3. The hovering capstone on the pyramid is the precise problem area. Of course, squares and circles can be just as mean as pyramids, if they too have their disconnects. Omega dogs can be just as mean as Alpha dogs, or just a friendly, or just as integral to the pack. What? Separating ourselves from nature is the real cock up. And now, technology is in the position to either destroy us, or save us…Which will it be? I know what the doomsday prophets say, but what does the doormouse say?

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    1. Technology got us here in the first place, so I have my doubts. I guess I hope, but it seems different this time. No Hitler to kill. Thanks. Duke

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  4. I finished your book, Duke. I mean your previous one. It looks like a hedgehog, with so many white pieces of paper stuck in where I sighed. When I organise it all, a proper review it shall be.

    You have your pulse on the money, or your money on the pulse, more than any other person I know.

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    1. Hi MMM,

      Did I every tell you that my initials are MMM? Thanks for the props and I look forward to your words about my words and what it all means. Any help you can give me will be most appreciated. My emotional history was how LADWDogs came into being. Thanks again for being who you are. Duke.

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