Our Starlight Without End

on the airplane now, up there moving with the warmth of your skin, your eyes shining half mad from a pill your mother once took

walking down the aisle to the overhead as the world waits below, cats pawing in the wind … love wounded yet winged

years have passed in this place, our joined hearts a dark key to twist and turn, let’s keep our secret as we dream

no more matches or little white cups for your chew, no drugs to make us new in this cloud without rooms

sitting with the old man who wishes for just one more daughter, just one more chance to smile … he wants to speak, but he can’t and we give him food from the life he never had

war changed everything and then you breathe on my shoulder, waves from a foreign shore, and I recall a few days ago, frozen on the sand, wondering how to translate the language of broken teeth and severed limbs

legends one and all as we make our way home … luminous in our starlight without end





12 thoughts on “Our Starlight Without End

    1. Hi George F.,

      One can go on WP as a reader only, but usually people post their WIP in order to get reactions and help. In my time there I only found a few writers I considered good. That is a problem. The dynamic of WP is you post, people comment, and then they expect you to go to their posts and comment. Fanning in order to increase followers is common. If I follow you, then I expect you to follow me. So one feels a bit obligated to like, comment, and follow writing regardless of its merits. I was always walking the line between “helpful” and “hurtful” comments and after a while I got tired of this aspect of WP. I’ve written about this before. A girl I was helping killed herself one night while we were talking about her life and writing. Maybe it was cat fishing, but if so it was an elaborate hoax involving a lot of people on the site. So I finally decided it was true and cancelled my account. I briefly came back when WP offered to make me the first writer in their “literary category”, but I just couldn’t do it any more. Initially I started WP with a 24 hour jag, drinking, posting, commenting, moving around and by the end of the night I had a bunch of people following me and the publisher was happy. In the end I think I got three writers into Booktrope over a year or so. I also virtually met some absolutely horrible people as well as some really great ones. But then one can never really tell about virtual relationships. One last thing: I suspect WP encourages social media addiction to its site. I think it is a bit like FB in that regard. Anyway, if you’ve got the time/constitution and want to get reaction to your WIP, then it ain’t too bad. Good luck. Duke

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