Chapter Two is blessed by Barack Obama

“You liked it!” 

Officer Goodie handed Chapter One back to Girl.  “I … I don’t ⏤”  In her thirteen years in the field she’d never encountered such a case. Girl had encountered … what had she encountered?  Floating heads in an abandoned warehouse along the Malverde River just south of town.  She knew she should check it out and talk to Girl’s employers but the night before their weekly meeting she’d dreamt that Barack Obama had bought the bookstore/toy store on the corner of her block.  And she’d tried to talk to him about Girl Pokey but he was conducting radio interviews for his weekly podcast.  Still Goodie had awoken receptive to Girl’s new career.  Blessed by Barack Obama.  A new romance genre was born.


3 thoughts on “Chapter Two is blessed by Barack Obama

  1. You think I’ve done enough damage to the high standards of TinHatsBlog, hey? I was only able to make it through one more chapter before I came to my senses. The Girl Pokey stuff I added to the original as I didn’t want folks to think we’d dropped Girl from our payroll.


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