The Eighth Thing You Can’t Say On Television

Here is another post from Pete Sheehy. Well written and to the point, funny and sad, all at the same time.

The Apocalypse Tribune

If only the President could try this hard.

Every day this gets harder. Staying at home, incessant hand washing, keeping our hands off our face, wiping down our groceries, and obtaining all the necessary sanitary potions to keep the cooties out of our house is nothing compared to stomaching the casual affronts to sanity, humanity, and common decency that come out of the Orange Toddler’s mouth each day right after dinner (EST). Last week he was surprised (as was much of America) to learn that a global pandemic disproportionately impacts African-Americans. Who knew? I mean, aside from black people and the minority of whites who have any useful knowledge of U.S. history. One would think this news would be followed by some kind of exploration into the reasons for this phenomenon, that there might be some in depth reporting on why the impacts of COVID-19 are so much more prevalent…

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