Constant Midnight

The call came, you waited every night, every day, and then it came, something from an alien ship guided by a million doll eyes

What are you doing, she says, oh, nothing, just thinking about the power of trances, how they might fire cities, or help baby birds push out of egg shells

Are you still inconsolable


She goes back into the bedroom

In the floor is a tiny hole and when you bend over there is a doctor inside giving a seminar, he says, even though the heart stops, the brain knows you are dead and sends signals to the lungs to keep moving, and it is true, you are still breathing, but abbreviated, hyphenated for all the official documents

On the grass, a ball rolled into the night, and the call did not register that, no, it did not speak of the other children or how you lay beneath the moon and held her in your arms and the yard lifted off its pedestal, its ancient foundation of history, and you both turned head over heels, rising into the sky, heading away from the page of a book

Look, you say, there is the man in the moon and she says, where daddy, and you say, there, just there, can you see his eyes and forehead, he is troubled, amazed at the universe and how we have come to live the way we do

Save me please, help me  

Everything is over now, and the thing that came made a sound so terrible that silence went underground, afraid and without mortal use

3 thoughts on “Constant Midnight

  1. “Silence went underground.
    What an image, Duke! It’s like the black without any other color in it. And , “…guided by a million doll eyes.” I don’t know where you dig into your subconscious to come up with the images, but the define you in a very special way.

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  2. I have to agree with Anonymous – that last sentence is so powerful. It could literally stand on its own anywhere. You seem to be moving at warp speed and I can’t decide it that is a good thing or not. But then it’s hot here and in the heat I seem to be in one of those “abbreviated-hyphenated” states where someone will have to tell me if I’m breathing or not!

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