Why Did This Have To Happen To You?

My words look like half-burnt cake candles tossed into the alley, the cats ready to lick the bit of frosting, but the rain begins and takes the space, flattening ears and closing doors

Not a great beginning for a poem about suffering and despair, although the cats might have something to say, how they were cheated once again … what of the difference between suffering and despair … surely there is more pain with suffering, while despair is a luxury of far-off eyes … yet, they are sisters without love and we can tell them apart in our feelings

I overlooked celery for most of my life, but today I found it in all its glory, the stalks knew my name and they forgave me for floating in the seagrass, picking the flowers of the sea … and I found an old notebook, down there on the bottom of the sea, filled with old words, and I read, forgiveness is not like the rain, it has no place, only a lessening of pain is of value

I had that thought at 30,000 feet in a rainstorm sitting next to a Japanese girl who made me an origami of a stork … her fingers were delicate like the letters of her language, the pebbles in her garden, and she said, it would help me with suffering and despair … I fell asleep in the shadows of the cabin, the lightning just outside, and when I awoke, the stork was not there  

4 thoughts on “Why Did This Have To Happen To You?

  1. Succinct and thematically concentrated, profound. The initial metaphor made my visual mind pirouette, an invitation for the literal mind to prance and then pause to ponder each morsel of masterfully penned imagery and contemplation. Your writings are origami storks willingly tucking our suffering and despair into their intricate folds, freeing us to fend off the cats and lick the frosting off the half-burned candles you left for us in the alley.

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