OYL June 24

Here at TinHats we don’t reblog too often, but I thought this was an exceptional piece of writing, particularly if one does not live in the Northwest. Thanks. Duke

Conscious Engagement

The mural at the Apple store in downtown Portland on June 18, 2020.

From my Covid journal one year ago: “It just occurred to me that I have no one to tell these stories to. The only people who would be as fascinated as I am are the people who lived on Earth in 2019. I mean, if I could tell this story to them in 2019. But almost no one on Earth in June 2020 would think any of my observations are remarkable or newsworthy because I am merely describing their life. The only way these memories will have the proper impact is in 40 years or so. Maybe Tara and Cameron’s children will be fascinated by my recollections.”

June 5, 2020. “It feels like the story of our country has switched from COVID to racism. That’s appropriate. But it also leaves me in more of a daze than…

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3 thoughts on “OYL June 24

  1. Duke, this is an honor. Thank you for your glowing compliment and your decision to reblog such a difficult post. For any readers who wonder, I am doing a series called One Year Later (OYL), and posting select passages from my Covid journal, which I began in March 2020. As I said in the comments on the original post, I think we must have all changed, those of us who lived through 2020, and as I look back at what happened one year ago, I marvel at what we went through, and survived. I am so grateful that I had the chance to take these photos and feel the wall. I am typically a practical person, not bent toward imagining that an image could hold an emotion. But on the day I took these photos, I had no doubt it was true.

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