Spider Queen

I am the spider queen.

Have you seen my spindled legs
black and grey and hurt and splay-
these legs of mine if you listen they say
don’t comfort me.

In this world made up of dread,
don’t waste your time to other me,
soon you’ll be dead
soon you’ll know dread
like I and my many victims know Said.
Know Promise.
Know Intent.
Know Lie.
Know Die.
Know Fed.

I like a thin thread all the same pearly white,
I like something dark and black,
I like bleak as the night.
I like a satchel of meat I can feast upon,
I like a little screaming fly to
fawn over, to wrap up tight and drool upon.

Everything else
I leave to the dawn and

You heavy footed creatures
you make a mush of me,
you think your eyes are so much higher
they’re the only ones that see.

But my brothers and me,
In case you wonder-
yeah, we saw that.

Is that why you’re afraid?
Because in your stupid giant
computer of a brain
somewhere you saw that too?
In your head so far elite somewhere
you saw that just a glitch would
see you the treat,
see you the fawn,
see you the bug doing the dance
on a mat made out of glue?

That’s why we will bite you
any time we get the chance.
You swift footed demons with your
eloctronic happenstance.

How do you like a necrotic welt
to remind you of morality?
Does it make you feel afraid?
Does it make you understand empathy?

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