wailing freight, rolling thunder, sizzling rain, squawking jay

innovate our way

out of trouble

hang our cloak on the wind

give us a fulcrum

to move the world

indeed, clearly

the urge to save humanity

can be a false pretense

for other urges

simple answers to complex problems

are mostly wrong

and the polyglot does arrogate

whither he may go

remember your tired, your poor

as you complete the deposition process

in this largely innocent pursuit of

cutaneous vasculitis


3 thoughts on “Deposition

  1. Funny, I was reading Yeats when this came through. Typical for THs. He also was pissed off about false things taking hold, pushing people toward unhealthy ends. What is the role of the expert or the true believer in all of this? I think the answer is before us today as we descend into the shit. Totally depressed. I was singing your praise to A. Mole. Called you a fine example of the honing process which he is a student/teacher/adherent. We’ve been discussing voice. This poem represents your voice. I might quibble over individual words, but in the main, it is the current iteration of you. Your voice is enough for me. Thanks. Duke. P S. How’s the music coming? You are a man of many fires.

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    1. Hi D. It’s funny because this one is a hastily honed collection of snippets I had stored in a text app on my phone. Writers used to do these things on napkins and matchbooks, of course.

      The music is currently in a state of inertia. I have rough live recordings of all the songs, just voice and acoustic guitar but haven’t yet found the drive to move to the next stage, which involves tracking them properly with digital software etc.

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