Haiku For Missa Him


It was a cold night

I put blankets on the dog

She burned in the fire


Seven sounds of dreams

Listening in the silence

No one hears but us


She runs in the flames

Her coat blue, orange, and red

I stroke her hot head


Her breath seven words

Pain, fear, hope, stare, rise, fall, sleep

Outside the snow comes


A dark dawn for paws

The cool path to soft water

Where fire meets its end


6 thoughts on “Haiku For Missa Him

  1. A man lays down beside the fire he built for the body of his dead dog. The night reaches into morning and he grabs a fistful of cold ash. At the first gust of wind he opens his hand and watches the best years of his life take flight, leaping toward the far end of the yard like she used to do. There’s not much left now. Nature’s close to reclaiming everything as promised. The remaining days are few in number. Staring at his blackened palm, he wonders.

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