Hooves Looking Freshly Polished

Heinrich ‘Holocaust’ Himmler was an overachieving psychopath who became the supreme commander of the Schutzstaffel (SS) in 1929 at the age of twenty-nine, and soon after, he acquired Wewelsburg castle with the hopes of creating a ceremonial centre. The castle’s walls, floors, and ceilings were promptly decorated with occult symbols related to Germanic mythology, one of which is known as the Black Sun for its darkly coloured, radially sequenced sowilō (sun) runes. The Black Sun, referred to affectionately by neo-Nazis as a Sonnenrad, is likened to the swastika and therefore symbolizes a source of mystical power thought to be capable of adding a supernatural wax to the waning Aryan race.

Sieg heil, ihr Haufen langweiliger Idioten!

Reichsführer was Himmler’s official title, however, another title, namely that of Heinrich I, circulated within his sycophantic entourage. Which is to say he claimed to be the reincarnation of the first king of medieval Germany, and if you wanted to stay on his good side, then you got down on your knees and agreed. Delusions of grandeur are, in all likelihood, rife within the diaries he kept while running the SS, so it won’t surprise the reader very much to learn that he also laid claim to the mythical Arthurian throne. In fact, Wewelsburg was going to be the seat of his new Arthurian court, thus he had a round table built for himself and twelve of his highest-ranking officers. Serious discussions about the search for the Holy Grail were going to take place at this table. I bet Adolf was wary of being out-crazied by his number one underling and that’s why he never RSVPed his invitation to the castle.

Did the hateful fire of a thousand Black Suns burn inside the walls of Wewelsburg? Did the flames dance in the lenses of Himmler’s glasses as he sat on a throne of plundered gold? Were conjuring rituals conducted? Did Satan himself materialize in a puff of smoke with hooves looking freshly polished? If so, how did he react to the sight of his grovelling summoner? Did he stroke his goatee before throwing back his horned head and letting loose with apocalyptic laughter? Of course he did!

11 thoughts on “Hooves Looking Freshly Polished

  1. A wordsmith extraordinaire, a literary artist of immense talent, you deftly imbue history with polychromatic imagery engaging all five (maybe more) of our senses. Gosh, you’d also make a great history teacher, I can imagine sitting in your class awestruck during your deliveries…

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  2. What good is the light if we have no darkness to compare it to?
    I wonder if Germans today ever contemplate the fact that their language, the simplest sentence spoken, sounds like a dictatorial command sending innocents into an unwinnable war? Of course, I’m sure they think American English sounds like a constant whine for faster download speeds for our phones, or complaints as to why our insulin is so expensive.

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  3. Yikes. My history knowledge is extremely poor so I had to look this. This is so nuts I wondered if it was fiction! Only twenty-nine and commander of SS… What goes on in someone’s head that their life comes to this? I will never get it… maybe that’s a good thing?

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  4. I think believing yourself the incarnation of anyone (particularly someone famous and heavily fictionalized) is the gravest of mental illnesses. It opens too many doors that should remain closed. There’s very much a Paradise Lost and Inferno feeling about this piece. I enjoyed the read though find myself feeling as cold as a medieval fortress in winter.

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    1. I feel as cold as a bowl of gruel in the kitchen of the medieval fortress in winter. My wife had to throw our baby into the snow. It is a long story, one of which I am not proud. But it has a great deal to do with the plague and women who look like large cats. Duke

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    2. Hi Jan. I think delusions are behind almost every atrocity that has ever occurred. Personally, I’ve always been sickened at the thought of becoming delusional, of cleaving from reality completely. Drug induced delusion is one thing but giving in to the weakness that drives delusions like Himmler’s is quite another.


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