Another Dreamer Dreaming the Impossible Dream

About The Author

Dear Reader. When I was about six or seven years old, the angry guy who lived across the street, rushed out of his house, and scolded me for walking on his lawn. He grabbed me by the shoulders and for reasons unknown said, I can read you like a book! The idiom made no sense, as I didn’t have a grasp on figurative language at that age, which is probably why the incident stuck with me. Fifteen years later, in the early nineties, a friend and I dropped some acid and according to him, I said I was going to write a book someday. Ten years later, with my daughter in her terrible twos, I sat down in front of a typewriter balanced on top of an old radiator, and over the course of a few months, sixty or seventy pages of a fledgling novel were typed out. It was a sci-fi thriller called The Breakwater and I didn’t see it through to completion. Fast forward another ten years and there I was on Facebook bravely and no doubt foolishly serializing a novella that ended up becoming my first finished effort within the Southern Ontario Gothic subgenre. Over the last ten years, I’ve been writing almost every day, in four-to-five-hour sessions, and this has allowed me to finish more projects. Taxicab to Wichita and Bus Back to Omaha were published in 2014 and 2016, respectively. In 2017, I experienced an eclipse of the (Latin-titled) literary sort and decided to rewrite those novels, republishing them two years later in a duology called Fructus Autumni Auctorum. In November of 2020, I started Liber Prohibitorum and published it the following summer. In October of 2021, I broke ground on Custos Damnationem, and as of writing this, it looks like it’ll be ready for a June launch. Obviously, I don’t write for the money. I write because there are worse things to be addicted to, and I say that from years of empirical study. Going more than a few days without escaping into a word document is difficult for me. This being said, I do not wish to come off sounding extraordinary, or pretentious. If anything, I’m just another dreamer dreaming the impossible dream.


6 thoughts on “Another Dreamer Dreaming the Impossible Dream

  1. Ah, so you ARE human with a history and life outside this Tin-roofed shed, of sorts. I oft wondered. You should know, your efforts are consumed with relish, (catsup & mustard not withstanding). The Breakwater… Does it deserve a SecondLife?

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  2. Before I sat down to seriously write I spent any free time I had working for non profits involving children. The hardest thing I ever did was step away from that work but it was so gut wrenching that it was impossible to sleep at night or to focus on my stories. I felt a lot of guilt especially as my literary career has not been fruitful either. But I would do it again. Congrats on pushing through and getting it done. Our stories are part of us and they demand a life.

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    1. Hi Jan, those are both noble pursuits indeed. Everyone who feels drawn to writing should take up the challenge and tell their stories, slightly fictionalized, or straight no chaser, as it’s the engine of compassion for its ability to humanize the stranger/the other. Our world will always be better off with more books.

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  3. There’s a lot to be grateful for: you’ve got a gift, time to do it, and a steady flow of original ideas. If the words are coming to you then grab them immediately because you never know when they’ll dry up. The sadness is just the cherry on top of the cake. Who could write anything remotely interesting if they weren’t sad?

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