Always there are
two sides to every coin.
A face and a building. A
structure and a person. The
words and the

Currency is a construct and
nothing more unless
we wield it so,
and we do.

Throw it in the air and catch it
on the back of your hand.
When I was a kid I thought the next step was
put it in your mouth and
say your wish.

Impale the worm and cast your line and if you’re lucky,
catch a fish.


6 thoughts on “Coins

  1. I like this.
    Binary chance. One of my favorite subjects. 2^n.
    2^10 = ~1K
    2^20 = ~1M
    2^30 = ~1B
    2^40 = ~1T

    Flip a coin 20 times and have it land heads up—all 20 times? One in a million chance.

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  2. Great last line to a sweet poem. But, I would point out that most of the kids in this world have zero relationship to coins. They tend to be closer to mud and dried shit for a floor, insects and sticks. Mostly naked running round half starved. Don’t mind me, my eye hurts this morning and it is a really good poem. Thanks. Duke

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    1. So when I was reading your poem, I was listening to these lyrics from song Hug of Thunder.

      Many years before I kept track of the years I felt I would

      Look back otherwise why did I write down everything that entered my mind
      Check out these lines like I’m staring and I’m soon ticking when it is closed
      In twenty holes how could I say what point I will gain perspective later on
      No, I had to survive it by the soundtrack made of our short lives
      Making sense of hologram ecology
      I’ll be up crying, nursing into grace and
      Hiding in the pages adding up to me
      ‘Til I live
      It’s like a topography that is made of cartography of me
      All those feelings everyday the bus stop pulls to size up the entire world
      And while I broke your tubes and carving at me all the times I had done you wrong
      I hope I’m sorry, certain times in our lives come to take up more space than others
      And time’s gonna take it

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