Girl Pokey’s Halloween Story

“I got me some itchy underwear. They was suppose to be downy soft — look at this here packaging but it feels like I been rolling in a briar patch buff naked.”

Moss Goody generally bought nice undies for her newly released parolees along with condoms and Tampax pads. An inexpensive but welcome treat for the ladies. But Girl had been released suddenly and without warning Halloween Eve. All Moss Goody knew was that another body had been found.

“Did you wash them before you wore them?”

“Hell no. I never had no brand new undies. I got the used and of course I washed them. But why I gotta wash brand new undies? I think I’ll just take this one back to the Dime store and demand my money back!” She said, dropping her Levis and stripping off the undies.

Moss Goody could see they were a trifle stained. Another day at the office.

The Girl Pokey stories are based on the years I spent working with foster kids but on another only slightly related subject, I just posted a review for Aaron’s new book — we’ll call it Custy just for giggles. I enjoyed Aaron’s “dark donut humour” and if you enjoy shows like Better Call Saul, you will too. Maybe I can talk him into doing a give away on Tinhats!


7 thoughts on “Girl Pokey’s Halloween Story

    1. Thanks Robbie. I was a CASA – court appointed special advocate. It’s very difficult work and I got totally frustrated with the court system. But I learned a lot about how kids think and feel about themselves in “the system.”

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  1. Children in foster care here in the US have to go to court every six months so that their cases can be reviewed and, even though it’s for their own protection, it’s a court setting and so they feel like criminals – like they’ve done something wrong.


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