Win a paperback copy of Duke’s newest book …

Duke’s latest offering has finally hit the presses. For the cover, I laid Tres’ artwork against a magazine article describing life in Palestine under the PLO. This article was first published in 1981 in a magazine that then used newsprint paper. On the cover was an iconic photo. If you can guess the name of the magazine, we will send you a paperback copy of “Willem Dafoe Comes to Town.” If you can tell us the subjects of the famous photo (and the photographer) we will also sent you a paperback copy of any one of Duke’s other books. Don’t cheat and google!

We raised rates for the Ebook so copies would qualify for the lending program, i.e., if you buy the Ebook, you should be able to loan it to a friend for a week or two. I have no idea how that works but it you do, please let us know.

As usual, reviews are always lovely.


3 thoughts on “Win a paperback copy of Duke’s newest book …

  1. Congratulations on the team effort you two put into this newest JMSARBD publication. I don’t have a bloody clue about the name of the magazine let alone the photographer, so I guess I’ll have to do a paperback swap with Duke… I’ll mail him mine if he mails me his! Haha


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