Wish On Day Seven

Final question: what happened to my mind and body when I sealed off my brain from the Big Issues for seven days?  I buried the elections, Ukraine, Covid, the economy, climate change, the fate of animals, various dicks of the world, etc. 

It was glorious!  I slept great, had enjoyable conversations with Genevieve and Mexicans on the street.  Gave money and food away to those who needed it.  Helped Francisco navigate his comatosed, brain damaged wife lying in a spruced up storeroom with tubes running out of her body. Also, during the week, I fell back into the old days of Living and Dying with Dogs, as the gangs went on a rampage, burning vehicles, killing people, blowing up stores, etc.  Why did they do that?  Their leader was captured by the Mexican Army.  All of this happened fairly close to where I live.  Genevieve and I often travel the road (we don’t own a car) to Queretaro and they shot up some vehicles and buses traveling along.  Queretaro is the city where my great-uncle worked as a silver ore guard for mule trains.  He left a Mexican girl high and dry in 1897 and joined up to fight in the Philippines.  Eventually, he ended up playing Lincoln in John Ford’s Iron Horse and would spend long hours standing in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theater reciting the Gettysburg Address. 

So now I know what happened the last seven days and overall, it was pretty good, for me and Genevieve anyway.  It could have gone the other way, but it didn’t.  This reminds me of two sayings: I’ve had a lot of trouble in my life and most of it never happen.   And … The point is you really don’t know nothing. 

Yes, how true.  Didn’t Socrates say that?  Maybe, I don’t know.  “I wish I could, with all my might, grab the stars in the night, and dig my feet into the ground, stop this world from spinning round, and you might see and understand, turn around come back again, cause your the only thing I’m living for, but I can’t live to love you anymore.”


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